Puzzle 3 - Part 2

Well done! You have cracked stage one! But there is still much work to do. As you might know from the last message, I suspect Oriel has been infiltrated by a secret society. I have no idea how many members it has or how deep it goes, but I do know that they appear to have full control over the Poor Print.

To get to the third and final stage of the third and final puzzle, you will have to find another website. It is in the same format as before, www.hobson.space/{1}/{2}, where {1} and {2} are for you to work out.

I have intercepted this letter, from this organisation’s correspondence, but unfortunately, the two words you need are blanked out. You will have to work them out by looking behind the obvious…

In order to spark your synapses, I will give you this clue: ‘Poets use lies to tell the truth’.

Good Luck